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Beech Trees and Rubber Boots' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Beech Trees and Rubber Boots

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David Hewlet Icon Contest Community [01 May 2008|11:35pm]


It's a David Hewlett Icon Contest Community.

We have enjoyed 13 highly successful Challenges and we’ve just relaunched after a long hiatus with our 14th challenge! Voting is taking place now and the new challenge will be posted tomorrow!

Enter the Challenges! Vote!

Come join!

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Update from the DGeek :) [13 Oct 2007|08:43pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

DH found the time this afternoon to do a long post on the baby & his so-called hiatus.  :-p

Go check it out here.

He also posted a pic of "Baz" as he has decided to dub Sebastian Flynn Loughman Hewlett (using Jane's maiden name as a 2nd middle name).  Official birthdate was Saturday, October 6, 2007 at 9:11 pm via an emergency c-section. 

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Hewlett 2.0 has arrived. [08 Oct 2007|05:52pm]

David posted the following to his Twitter account just now:

Welcome to the world Sebastian Flynn! 9 pounds 4 ounces! Mum and son doing beautifully!

Congrats to David and Jane!
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DGeek Forums Syndicated [04 Aug 2007|03:45pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I syndicated the DGeek forums so I didn't have to keep checking for new posts:P


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Movie review - A Dog's Breakfast [07 Jul 2007|09:16am]

I've posted my review of A Dog's Breakfast in my journal - Part One and Part Two

Warning for very spoilery spoilers and lots of images.
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A Dog's Breakfast available for download again [03 Jul 2007|11:23pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Amazon Unbox has A Dog's Breakfast up for download again, for $14.99. Large files, but you have to download the Unbox software unless you get the TiVo option.

iTunes also has it for $14.99, which I'm downloading now. For some reason the movie doesn't want to come up on any searches, but if you watch the main movie page long enough, there's an add for it that pops up at the top righthand corner of the screen that will take you to the summary page. The file is 698 MB, and is supposed to be really good quality from what I've seen of the reviews. Will let you know once I've finished my download and watched the thing. *bounces in anticipation*

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A Dog's Breakfast International Release?? [26 Jun 2007|08:21pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Hi, apologies if this is off topic! I've just learned on the official website (Here) that there is still officially NO International Release plan for ADB! I've sent an email to MGM (comments@mgm.com) to ask why - but I'm wondering if there's a con-ordinated effort going on somewhere? Or if it'd be worth starting something?

What does everyone think? I keep hearing how good the film is but have little to no chance of seeing it cause I'm in the UK :(

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A Dog's Breakfast DVD available for pre-order [23 Jun 2007|08:59pm]

Amazon has David's new movie A Dog's Breakfast available for pre-order. It's to be released September 18th of this year.

Still waiting for Deep Discount DVD and others to take pre-orders, and to compare prices. It's listing for $22.98 right now, and Amazon is offering it for $19.99. Will update if any other sites start listing it.
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David Hewlett at Pegasus 2 [06 Feb 2007|08:16pm]

I'm sharing some pics of David Hewlett that I took this weekend at the Pegasus 2 Convention in London. I'm a bit of a convention veteran and I'm prepared to put P2 up there with the very best of them. And thanks to the Hewletts (and David Nykl), it was fantastic :)


DavidCollapse )

I've got LOTS more pictures a full report over at my journal. Feel free to drop by and read the tales and gaze at the pretty. You can check out even more photos at my Flickr account.

David Hewlett Icon Community [06 Feb 2007|12:45pm]

David Hewlett Icon Contest Community. Please stop by, join and participate by submitting icons and/or voting! New members ALWAYS welcome!


I made sure to check the User Info to see if this was allowed first and didn’t see anything that seemed to say it wasn’t. If I misread something please delete this post.

X-posted to several places.
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A Dog's Breakfast [02 Feb 2007|10:18pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

I went to the 4pm screening of "A Dog's Breakfast" in London yesterday, and thought I'd share a few of the photos I took during the Q&A session afterwards. David and Kate Hewlett were there, with Jane Loughman and John Lenic. The pictures aren't very good quality, as the light was too low and my flash couldn't quite reach (in all the excitement I also forgot to put the red-eye on my camera).

"A Dog's Breakfast" is awesome, by the way. Anyone who gets half a chance to go see it definitely should. I have never laughed so hard in all my life.

photos under the fake cutCollapse )

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[18 Jan 2007|03:45pm]

For all Hewlett fans in the UK, tickets for the second screening of A Dog's Breakfast go up 9pm tonight at http://www.wolfstore.co.uk. Apparently there was such a rush for the first screening that the website crashed! Now, everybody probably already knows about this, but I didn't till last night, so I though I'd spread the love. See you at the website! :D
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Stargate Atlantis Roleplaying [29 Dec 2006|05:58pm]

If this type of post if not allowed, please delete.

I am considering starting up a Stargate Atlantis On-line Roleplaying game.

I don't really have too much in the way of detail or storyline or anything yet as I'm really just wanting to get a general idea of the amount of interest that there might be before I put too much effort it to it.

I can tell you that all characters, within reason, would be permitted and the only two Cannon that wouldn't be available to play would be Rodney and Carson, as those two would be reserved.

More than Likely this group will be a combination of both Live Journal and a Yahoo group, although that is not a certainty yet.

Also, this group would be an 18+ group as it WILL allow NC-17 posts AND Slash (Because I'm a total pervert) so you need to be aware of that if you think you're interested in playing.

So, please, hop a puddle-jumper on over to my journal and Clicky-the-box!

Polling on my Journal

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[28 Dec 2006|12:52pm]

I was wondering if anyone knew how big a part DH has in Under Pressure? It's on tonight in the UK on Five US, and when looking it up on IMDB, I noticed DH is in it. I must have seen this movie three or four times, and I don't remember him at all.
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[23 Dec 2006|11:28am]

I just wanted to let UK fans know that the first part of And Never Let Her Go (starring Mark Harmon and The Hewlett. Yum.) is on Five Life today at 2.00pm. My tape recorder is all ready. :D
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McKay Icons [31 Oct 2006|11:08am]


I made some McKay Icons



follow me
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BvP icons [30 Oct 2006|09:50pm]


More at my journal
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New Icon Contest Community [12 Oct 2006|10:06pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I have submitted to my Hewlett and icon love and started a new Icon Contest Community.

And I shall call it dh_icontest.

It's a David Hewlett Icon Contest Community.

Come join!

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grant jansky icons [09 Oct 2006|12:56pm]

[ mood | blah ]

here is some david hewlett, playing grant janksy in traders!

comment and credit
feedback is love

teasers: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

rest are here at my journal

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DH on The Uncyclopedia [11 Sep 2006|11:55pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Thought you all would enjoy the highly amusing entry on David at The Uncyclodpedia.

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