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Update from the DGeek :)

DH found the time this afternoon to do a long post on the baby & his so-called hiatus.  :-p

Go check it out here.

He also posted a pic of "Baz" as he has decided to dub Sebastian Flynn Loughman Hewlett (using Jane's maiden name as a 2nd middle name).  Official birthdate was Saturday, October 6, 2007 at 9:11 pm via an emergency c-section. 

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A Dog's Breakfast available for download again

Amazon Unbox has A Dog's Breakfast up for download again, for $14.99. Large files, but you have to download the Unbox software unless you get the TiVo option.

iTunes also has it for $14.99, which I'm downloading now. For some reason the movie doesn't want to come up on any searches, but if you watch the main movie page long enough, there's an add for it that pops up at the top righthand corner of the screen that will take you to the summary page. The file is 698 MB, and is supposed to be really good quality from what I've seen of the reviews. Will let you know once I've finished my download and watched the thing. *bounces in anticipation*
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A Dog's Breakfast International Release??

Hi, apologies if this is off topic! I've just learned on the official website (Here) that there is still officially NO International Release plan for ADB! I've sent an email to MGM (comments@mgm.com) to ask why - but I'm wondering if there's a con-ordinated effort going on somewhere? Or if it'd be worth starting something?

What does everyone think? I keep hearing how good the film is but have little to no chance of seeing it cause I'm in the UK :(
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David Hewlett at Pegasus 2

I'm sharing some pics of David Hewlett that I took this weekend at the Pegasus 2 Convention in London. I'm a bit of a convention veteran and I'm prepared to put P2 up there with the very best of them. And thanks to the Hewletts (and David Nykl), it was fantastic :)


DavidCollapse )

I've got LOTS more pictures a full report over at my journal. Feel free to drop by and read the tales and gaze at the pretty. You can check out even more photos at my Flickr account.
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David Hewlett Icon Community

David Hewlett Icon Contest Community. Please stop by, join and participate by submitting icons and/or voting! New members ALWAYS welcome!


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