Wiccy (wiccanslyr) wrote in davidhewlettfen,

Stargate Atlantis Roleplaying

If this type of post if not allowed, please delete.

I am considering starting up a Stargate Atlantis On-line Roleplaying game.

I don't really have too much in the way of detail or storyline or anything yet as I'm really just wanting to get a general idea of the amount of interest that there might be before I put too much effort it to it.

I can tell you that all characters, within reason, would be permitted and the only two Cannon that wouldn't be available to play would be Rodney and Carson, as those two would be reserved.

More than Likely this group will be a combination of both Live Journal and a Yahoo group, although that is not a certainty yet.

Also, this group would be an 18+ group as it WILL allow NC-17 posts AND Slash (Because I'm a total pervert) so you need to be aware of that if you think you're interested in playing.

So, please, hop a puddle-jumper on over to my journal and Clicky-the-box!

Polling on my Journal

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